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    Curation and Funding for ART INSPIRED BY SCIENCE Exhibitions, Meetups, and Collaborations.

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    What We Do

    • Curate and fund public Art-Inspired-By-Science exhibitions & networking events in Los Angeles
    • Connect curators, artists, and scientists exploring collaborations
    • Share #artsci #sciart news, residency, and funding opportunities


    About the Founder

    Bob Nidever is curator and founder of ArtScience Nexus, and publishes ArtScience.News and ArtScience Call. He is moderator of the 7,700 plus member International Scientist Artist Collaborations group on LinkedIn.


    Prior to ArtScience Nexus, Bob established a 15-year plus career in academia commercializing scientific discoveries for UCLA.


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    Background image courtesy,

    Brian Bender, PhD, UCLA


    What is this image?


    "Skin cells, in blue, stretching their extracellular actin filaments, in green, through an invisible collagen matrix. These miniature, 3D cell-based assays display more realistic tissue behavior compared to traditional 2D monolayers and are used to study processes like wound healing and cancer metastasis."

  • Meetups

    Unwind, mingle and learn at the Artist Scientist Happy Hour, an informal Meetup in Los Angeles for artists, scientists and curators interested in exploring ideas and collaborations.


    The Artist Scientist Happy Hour is open to the public, and provides an ongoing opportunity for those of us interested in both art and science to mingle, share ideas, and explore new projects.


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    Bioart, nanotech, microscopy, fractals, quantum sculptures, physics and dance, nebulas and music, STEAM, and more.

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    “We are lucky to live in an age in which we are still making discoveries. ”

    -Richard Feynman 

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    International Network of Artists, Scientists, and Curators.

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